Open World Grassy Terrain


Open world real time landscape design for prototype game projects, real-time simulation or high res 3D animation. This project gives real-time developers and animators the ability to focus on higher level tasks from a stable terrain foundation accelerating project delivery.

The procedural approach developed for this project gives us the ability to terrain layer mask within engine and generate procedural foliage placement of trees, shrubs, rocks and all environmental assets by using a layer mask to place objects rather than manual user placement. This means that generating massive terrain environments is possible, eliminating manual placement and configuration of elements within large scale environments which would bear near impossible at massive scale. Using our procedural approach we are able to develop Massive terrains within hours.

Project included

procedural terrain generation

Texture development, including: 

  • 16 bit height map
  • Deposition map
  • Flow map
  • Ambient occlusion map
  • Grass masking
  • Rock masking
  • Slope masking
  • Wear map
  • Normal map

having these base maps allows for texturing to a near photo real level.

Asset Creation

  • Organic models
  • Rock Models
  • Terrain model format creation from height map

lighting Setup

HDRI real time lighting
Direct sun set up and cascaded shadow mapping for realtime shadows and global illumination