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Length, Structure & Quality

How long do you want you video and how many cut scenes (a cut scene is defined as a unique angle or zoom depth). Usually you would have a new cut scene every few caption changes or on every caption change for faster paced videos.

As standard videos are provided in 720p. There is an additional cost for 1080p as it takes longer to render the video.

How long do you want your video ?

A each scene shows the phone from a different perspective and/or with different text

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Video Style

Give us some details on how you want your promo video to look.

Do you want your promo video to be photo real quality or non photo real quality

Do you require a voice over to complement your video

What colour do you want the background of the video ? (click the circle to choose colour).

Do you require multiple camera perspectives of the phone (different zoom levels and angles)

What background environment do you want.

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Scene Transitions

How do you want cut scenes to transition as different text captions appear and camera perspectives change.

Phone will appear to be constructed from a particle system. This could look like the reverse of an object appearing to disintegrate into dust particles.

No transition when cutting to each perspective of the phone

Single Scene, but with camera angle and zoom transitions as different text appears

Simple Fade in or slide in as each different camera view of the phone is shown

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Voice Over

How do you want your voice over to sound ?

Do you need us to write your voice over script written by us ?

Upbeat English Male

Upper Class English Male

Upbeat English Woman

Posh English Female

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Tell us a bit about your Product

Tell us a little about your app . This gives us a clearer vision on what the video should look like.

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Please provide some detail your product so we know how much time it will take to model this for your animation,

for example as vase, a phone case, a basic clock or a cup

for example a watch or a phone

For example a digital SLR camera or a textured running shoe.

What is the surface texture of your product

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Final cost

The final estimated price is :


Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :
Please note that this tool provides an estimate only and while we aim to ensure this estimate is as true to life as possible, it is in no way binding. Once submitted, we will review your requirements and contact you to discuss them further, upon which we will provide a binding price which you can order against. 

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