Media Design Studio – Bringing concepts to life

What we do

True Media Solutions is a media design studio, We specialize in bringing our clients concepts to life with glaring clarity. Any graphic design task you need from web page design, company brochures, letter heads, logo’s are pre-requisites to a thriving business, were here to provide you with the tools necessary.

Beyond just standard business forms we provide either still or animated rendered 3D scenes, We can create immersive 3D environments built with the very latest in market leading real-time engine’s, 3D modeling and post process technology.

A.I is fast becoming one of the main differentiators for Image or Computer vision workloads from creative art concepts to business analytics, We have heavily invested time & effort into incorporating the latest deep learning methods into services we can provide. In the age of massive data sets, be from I.O.T devices or Virtualized data sets, deep learning can provide that edge to truly understand your business & needs of your customers.