Our Services

3D Real-Time Development

Developing real-time scenes or platforms for interactive experiences with Game Engine Technology such as Epic Unreal Engine.

CG Still Images

3D modelling and rendering of CG (Computer Generated) still images. Either as 3D scenes or rendered objects for compositing.

Concept Prototyping

Bringing the clients concept from their minds eye into a 3D generated product prototype. This is a key step in any product prototyping process

3D Modelling

3D modelling, texture design and animation rigging for use in 3D projects.

Character Creation

3D Character creation, from 3D modelling to skinning and skeletal bone system configuration ready for IK & FK animation and MOCAP retargeting.

Video Editing & Compositing

Video editing and compositing  for seamless integration of Computer Generated Assets and Video Footage into full feature polished video projects.

Web Design

Web page template design in PSD format, Complete delpoyed sites using WordPress or Joomla, SEO, Web hosting.


3D Model creation from multiple combined photoimages, By taking large numbers of photo’s of an object at different angles we can combine them to generate a photoreal 3D textured model for Professional CG or Realtime games

Artificial Inteligence

Artificial inteligence is fast becoming a must have tool either in Design or IOT analytics just to name a few. We can create products ready for deployment including Dash analytics



Sometimes it can be hard for clients to put their concepts down on paper in a structured fashion ready for a production team to start work on. We make sure we spend the time understanding the clients vision in order for them to articulate it in a full brief, ensuring the deliverable is a true reflection of the clients goals.


It’s easy for a project to deviate from how the client visualizes their concept. We work with a structured development and staged review process to ensure we stay on track and on brief at every stage of development.


The devil is always in the detail. We never operate on a “good enough” approach unless the client instructs us to. We aim for perfection in every aspect of our deliverables, ensuring our clients along with their concepts and products are reflected in their best light.